Nikki Sims is so freaking hot it’s no longer funny. She’s all boobs, and everyone likes boobs… Even the chicks too. Which makes you wonder – does Nikki Sims play with her huge breasts in the shower, or when she’s getting dressed in the morning. I know I would if I had a rack like Nikki Sims!

sexy nikki sims red high heels1

The high heels are freaking sexy too. Red is by far my favorite color, and the red high heels just give me pure wood. Nikki Sims knows how to dress for sure!

sexy nikki sims red high heels2

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23 Oct 14

Super Sexy Boobs

This is fucking hotter than a summer day in Phoenix!

Looks like Next Door Nikki decided pull up her shirt and rub her boobs up against herself in the mirror. Mirror mirror on the wall… I would do hit that!

next-door-nikki mirror

It’s kind of like Next Door Nikki is having sex with herself. Or maybe she’s just rubbing her breasts with her twin sister.

Which is even hotter!

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20 Oct 14

Bent Over

Sometimes Next Door Nikki is just too much for me to handle…. Every time I see her, Next Door Nikki is bent over showing off her tight little teen ass or those heaving breasts are being thrust up in our face…. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

Of course, I love it when she’s got her legs spread and she’s wearing sexy heels or boots!

next door nikki tight ass short skirt1

What a tight little ass Next Door Nikki has….

next door nikki tight ass short skirt2

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18 Oct 14

Boobs In Sexy Bra

Hot damn, more boobies pics!

next door nikki huge boobs

I love boobs – all men do – and thankfully we have Next Door Nikki here to show off her boobies with lots and lots of big breast pictures!

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What I love about Nikki Sims is she’s the kind of chick that will pull out all of the strings to keep things entertaining. Seriously, when was the last time your girlfriend / wife / fling at work got dressed for you like this, including sexy black thigh high stockings, panties, bra, and slutty high heels…. Well, I can’t see the high heels but I am assuming Nikki Sims is wearing them….

I love how she’s holding her breasts looking up at us…

nikki black stockings 09

You can just ell that Nikki Sims wants to fuck right now!

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16 Oct 14

Plaid Skirt

Next Door Nikki is a little teen hottie tiger ready to tear into the first cock she finds….. And she’ll eat that alive!

And what man would pass up on the chance of fucking Next Door Nikki? I know I wouldn’t…. Not when she’s wearing a skirt like this!

next door nikki plaid skirt1

Next Door Nikki seems to enjoy showing off her panties…. and her ass!

next door nikki plaid skirt2

Not to mention Next Door Nikki is the hottest teen with huge knockers we’ve seen in a long long time!

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There is only one chick I want to BBQ with is Nikki Sims… Perfect hot little body, naughty little jean skirt ripped in all the right places, huge boobies sticking out all over the place…

next door nikki bbq slut 6

And it seems like Nikki Sims is less interested in cooking outside on the grill, and much more interested in getting naked outside… That’s just about perfect for us – we are hungry too but not for BBQ!

next door nikki bbq slut 1 next door nikki bbq slut 3 next door nikki bbq slut 2 next door nikki bbq slut 5

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11 Oct 14


Every time I see Next Door Nikki she’s on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air or in some kind of sexual position that most women her age can’t do or won’t bother with.

Of course, that’s what makes Next Door Nikki so damn special – Tight ass, tight jeans, tight shirt, big boobs, and wrapped up on a tight little package in a teen body.

sexy teen next door nikki


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8 Oct 14

Super Tight Ass

With an ass like Next Door Nikki has…. how can you go wrong?

next door nikki sweet ass

Looks like it was cold when they shot this….. You know Next Door Nikki gets naked out side too!!!!

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Next Door Nikki has all grown up… Damn!

Now we call her Nikki Simms. Now, there is sex, and then there is sex appeal. I can see Nikki Simms is all about the sex appeal. Look at those legs… And those sexy high heels…

nikki sims sex appeal

And you just know damn well that Nikki Simms knows how to bring it in the bedroom when the lights go out… I hope she can!

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