15 Sep 14

Laying Down

Every time we see Next Door Nikki she’s in a cute little pair of panties and has her big boobs out – But she’s never showing us her big boobs! She always has her hands covering them up…..

Maybe Next Door Nikki just likes to fondle herself….

next door nikki big breasted teen

If I had boobs like Next Door Nikki…. I’d spend most of my time fondling myself too!

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12 Sep 14

Slutty High Heels

Nikki Sims has the most perfect little ass… God what I wouldn’t give to tap that!

She’s all dressed up in sexy lingerie, black stockings, those slutty high heels… Women who wear their high heels to be always rock! And clearly Nikki Sims is the kind of chick that has no problems wearing her high heels to bed!

tap that ass

That’s our kind of girl!

What a beautiful little ass Nikki Sims has!

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10 Sep 14

Misty Anderson

Next Door Nikki is hot in her own right, and there isn’t much that can make this big breasted teen hotter…. Well, Add in Misty Anderson, and throw them together wearing nothing more than their bras and panties and it might just make Next Door Nikki hotter by a factor of ten!

next door nikki misty anderson two hot teen lesbians

Teenage lesbians are always hotter!!!!

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Now when it comes to Next Door Nikki…. This is the view we all want to see most. It’s all about boobies, and Next Door Nikki has plenty of boobage…. It’s a beautiful sight all right!

My god, when it comes to motorboating… You can sink your face into these huge juggs and just go to town on Next Door Nikki!

next door nikki cleavage bra panties

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Men like strippers as much as we like boobs. It’s like double fantasy – because all strippers have great boobs.

For some reason it doesn’t surprise me at all that Nikki Simms knows how to work the stripper pole…. Very hot!

nikki simms stripper pole

Yeah, Nikki Simms knows how to work the stripper pole… And you know how that translates to having sex in the bedroom. You don’t handle Nikki Simms; She handles you!

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When we think of Nikki Simms, we think of a woman who is strong and a woman that can eat any man alive. “Tender” it usually a word we would use to describe Nikki.

But when we see her in this peaceful moment on a white sheets in purple lingerie with her boobies about ready to gently flop out…

`nikki sims nice girl lingeire cleavage

Who knows, maybe Nikki Sims can be sweet and tender…

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31 Aug 14

Holy Big Boobs

This is a view of Next Door Nikki that we don’t get to see often…. Holy shit, Next Door Nikki has some huge fucking knockers!

Talk about headlights – Next Door Nikki could knock someone’s eyes out with this knockers!!!!

next door nikki sexy boobs

Have you ever seen a teen chick with huge knockers like this???

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These photos of Next Door Nikki must be old… Very old! She looks so young! And the plaid skirt is super duper sexy! And short!

Next Door Nikki loves to show off, and she isn’t exactly leaving much to the imagination now is she?

next door nikki plaid skirt teen slut 2

Next Door Nikki sites on her ass, lifts up her legs, showing off her ass and her sexy high heels….. Next Door Nikki would be too hard for any of us to handle!

next door nikki plaid skirt teen slut 1

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27 Aug 14

Caged Animal

Oh no, this looks a little bit scary! A black cage in the basement. Most women would get scared at this point. I can just hear it now: “You want me to do WHAT?”.

But Next Door Nikki has no fear. She can handle it. Next Door Nikki isn’t afraid!

next door nikki caged animal1

She opens up the door and gets in, just like a little doggie. Now, I know all chicks about the age of Next Door Nikki like to be fucked doggie style, but this is pushing things a little bit, don’t you think?

But once inside the cage, Next Door Nikki plays the part – and then starts to take off her clothes!

next door nikki caged animal2 next door nikki caged animal3

I have no idea how Next Door Nikki is taking off her clothes in such a tiny little cage, but she’s pulling it off! You would think that her knockers would be getting in the way!

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24 Aug 14

Teen Lifeguard

If I ever saw a teen lifeguard like Next Door Nikki… We’ll, I’d try to drown myself! Just picture trying to drown so Next Door Nikki could come and give you mouth to mouth…..

Of course, this doesn’t even mention that her breasts would double as floatation devices!!!!

next door nikki teen lifeguard

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