Isn’t this cute? Next Door Nikki fills out her panties and bra nicely… She’s got a great rack!

Although I’m not sure about the panties. I am not sure if I could bang a chick with panties like that. Once I had sex with a girl wearing Buggs Bunny panties; I am guessing she wasn’t expected to get laid that night. Then again, you shouldn’t wear such panties out to a bar…

But back to Next Door Nikki an her bright yellow panties…. Too hot to handle!

nikki sims hot panties

And of course Next Door Nikki looks just as hot from behind too!

nikki sims hot panties2

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2 Oct 15

Nikki Strips

I’m not the sort that believes in supporting single moms. I mean, like, whatever. I remember a time when I used to visit strip clubs on a regular basis and having a blast. While I’ve taken home more strippers than I care to remember – most good, some bad – the truth is unless you marry them it’s a tease. Been there done that.

Instead, I’d much rather install a stripper pole in my house and get some sexual entertainment going any time I want……. Looks like Next Door Nikki has figured it out!!!!

next door nikki sexy stripper1

It also looks like Next Door Nikki knows a thing or two about stripping…..

next door nikki sexy stripper2

You know what they say about strippers….. They make the best fucks because they know all of the positions! I’m guessing Next Door Nikki has all of the bases covered!!!

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Usually when you say Nikki Sims we think of her huge boobs. I like her huge boobs. (All men do!)

But Nikki Sims has a great little ass too… And when this slut is wearing a hot little thong and high heels, bending over like this…. That’s fucking hot.

God, I would worship her ass!


nikki sims perfect ass 1

Then Nikki Sims bends over all the way… And we can see her underboobabe!

That’s hot!

nikki sims perfect ass 2

What a beautiful ass Nikki Sims has!

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When you got it, flaunt it. And clearly Next Door Nikki has got it. Lots of it. She’s got enough breasts for two men. Bam. She’s just out there.

Now that’s a lot of fucking cleavage for one women. I love that bra she is wearing!

next door nikki

Just imagine having Next Door Nikki and her huge boobs as your plaything. I would make Next Door Nikki do jumping jacks all day long!

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25 Sep 15

Super Tight Jeans

I swear to God I want to fuck Next Door Nikki into next week…. Or maybe even next month! Next Door Nikki has the perfect tight little body, a great ass, and wonderfully huge teen breasts – She’s like the perfect teen package!

Check her out when she’s laying down in these tight little jeans…. Doesn’t that make you want to fucking mount her? Dry hump Next Door Nikki? I would.


Here she is on her back – Next Door Nikki has some of the largest teen breasts I’ve ever seen!!!

Next Door Nikki likes to wear tight t-shirts I’ve noticed. And it’s no wonder. If I had breasts like Next Door Nikki, well, I’d want to show them off too!


Then again, with huge teen breasts like these…. How could you not show them off? Nearly anything she wears Next Door Nikki would be showing off these breasts!!!!


I’d gladly lick her feet – and anything else she wants!!!!

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23 Sep 15

Email Updates

Want to know when I update my blog here? Sweet? Tonight I installed “email updates”. Just find the email updates box on the site and roll with it!

SIGN UP NOW you slacker!!!!!

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20 Sep 15

Laying Down

Every time we see Next Door Nikki she’s in a cute little pair of panties and has her big boobs out – But she’s never showing us her big boobs! She always has her hands covering them up…..

Maybe Next Door Nikki just likes to fondle herself….

next door nikki big breasted teen

If I had boobs like Next Door Nikki…. I’d spend most of my time fondling myself too!

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18 Sep 15

Slutty High Heels

Nikki Sims has the most perfect little ass… God what I wouldn’t give to tap that!

She’s all dressed up in sexy lingerie, black stockings, those slutty high heels… Women who wear their high heels to be always rock! And clearly Nikki Sims is the kind of chick that has no problems wearing her high heels to bed!

tap that ass

That’s our kind of girl!

What a beautiful little ass Nikki Sims has!

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15 Sep 15

Misty Anderson

Next Door Nikki is hot in her own right, and there isn’t much that can make this big breasted teen hotter…. Well, Add in Misty Anderson, and throw them together wearing nothing more than their bras and panties and it might just make Next Door Nikki hotter by a factor of ten!

next door nikki misty anderson two hot teen lesbians

Teenage lesbians are always hotter!!!!

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Now when it comes to Next Door Nikki…. This is the view we all want to see most. It’s all about boobies, and Next Door Nikki has plenty of boobage…. It’s a beautiful sight all right!

My god, when it comes to motorboating… You can sink your face into these huge juggs and just go to town on Next Door Nikki!

next door nikki cleavage bra panties

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