At the end of the day we have to admit that Next Door Nikki is the best of both worlds… Setting aside her willingness to get naked and spread her legs at any given moment, Next Door Nikki has the two things that all men want the most: Tits and ass.

Next Door Nikki has a huge rack. It’s a beautiful sight really. Men love boobs. And the bigger the better. They say more than a mouthful is a waste; Anyone who says that hasn’t seen Next Door Nikki doing jumping jacks!

next door nikki beautful tight ass jeans1

Her ass is so beautiful, round, tight; Looks like Next Door Nikki is looking for a spanking! Why else would Next Door Nikki be bending over so much like this?

What a great view of her thong too!

next door nikki beautful tight ass jeans2

Yeah, I bet you didn’t notice her thong poking up from the top of her tight blue jeans!

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20 May 15

Car Flashing

I’d like to know why Next Door Nikki is cruising around naked in the back of her….. Maybe Next Door Nikki is just randomly flashing people?

That would be hot!

big brested teen next door nikki naked02

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17 May 15

Sexy Jean Skirt

We all know Nikki Simms for her boobs, but she’s so much more than just that… She’s got a great ass and Nikki Simms loves showing it off to us… She’s wearing a short jean skirt today and when she bends over slightly we can see her sexy panties… She’s such a slut.

nikki simms upskirt 1

Then Nikki Simms turns around, stands up, and spreads her legs… And shows us everything! We can see right up her skirt – what pretty panties she has!

nikki simms upskirt 2

Now, let’s pry those fucking panties off with our teeth so we can get at the good stuff!

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15 May 15

Stuffed Bra

Here’s Next Door Nikki again in her car…. this time she’s dressed, but she’s not wearing much…. She’s got on a short pair of shorts – nice and tight – and she’s pulling up her shirt, revealing her breasts that are carefully stuffed into a huge white bra! Man, that bra could be a sling shot!

It must be nice to have big boobs like Next Door Nikki!!!!

big brested teen next door nikki naked03

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13 May 15

Super Short Shorts

Next Door Nikki is looking fucking awesome in these short little thing shorts….. She knows what she has and Next Door Nikki knows how to use it – or at least how to show it off!

She has such big knockers that any shirt she wears you can see them; Next Door Nikki can’t hide the fact that she has these huge teen boobs!

big brested teen next door nikki naked05

Then she bends over and spreads her legs and starts rubbing her snatch through her tiny thin shorts…. Yeah, Next Door Nikki will be getting off shortly!

big brested teen next door nikki naked04

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10 May 15

Jumbo Boobs

Next Door Nikki is all grown up now… And now she’s all about the boobs. I have to admit she’s got a huge rack – perfect for motorboating and lots of other things.

Nikki Sims is wearing sexy jean skirt and she’s ready for some quick and easy sex… She likes being on top – with those huge titties bouncing up and down when you are fucking her!

nikki sims next door niki huge boobs

Or maybe at that point Nikki Sims would be fuck you!

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8 May 15

Sexy Cheerleader

Every teenager has one – a cheerleader uniform hidden in the back of their closet. Maybe they were a cheerleader, maybe they weren’t, but the teens who weren’t a cheerleader still liked to dress up like one and dance around for their boyfriends – or just for them self!

Most teenagers don’t have big boobs like Next Door Nikki, but you have to admit she fills out this cheerleading uniform very nicely!!!

big brested teen next door nikki naked06

Next Door Nikki can cheer for me any time she wants!!!!

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Now this is a special treat – Next Door Nikki and Princess Blue Eyes, two hot big breasted teens playing boobie grabby with each other!!! I can watch these two big breasted teen chicks fondle each other’s breasts all day long!!!!

big brested teen next door nikki naked07

I’m not sure which one I’d want to hit more – Next Door Nikki or Princess Blue Eyes!!! Or maybe both of them!

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So, um, this is pretty much exactly how I expect to see Nikki Simms when I am about to lay down on top of her, mount her, and fuck her brains out.

Okay, I should be so lucky… But this is exactly how I picture Nikki Simms would be if it was to ever happen…

sexy nikki sims black stockings

Of course, Nikki Simms would need to take off her panties first!

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There is just no denying that Next Door Nikki has some huge fucking knockers!!!!

big brested teen next door nikki naked08

I’ve never seen a teen chick like this with such huge boobies!!!!

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