19 Apr 15

Sexy Shirt

I’m not sure who Next Door Nikki is banging on a regular basis, but he sure is one lucky fuck, that’s for sure!

With titties like Next Door Nikki I’d love to bang her too – all night long!

big brested teen next door nikki naked12

And I wouldn’t be gentle either because I’d love to hit Next Door Nikki from behind and watch her massive melons swing all over the place!!!!

Her ass is also hella sexy too!!!

big brested teen next door nikki naked13

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This is exactly how I picture seeing Nikki Sims spending the Fourth Of July… Outside by the (ghetto above ground) pool in her sexy tiny USA American flag bikini…. Too cute!

Or maybe just down right dirty!

nikki sims usa flag bikini

You know what they say about chicks like Nikki Sims in their above ground pools, right? They’ll do anything!

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Yummy – I love this view of Nikki Simms. It’s perfect. She’s a naughty girl in stockings and high heels with her legs spread and her titties out on display…. And when I say Nikki Simms is a naughty girl, I mean she’s the type of chick that likes to bang all night long!

next door nikki great body1

This second picture of Nikki Simms says it all…. What a great little ass this slut has!

next door nikki great body2

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Nikki Simms is bringing him home wearing a pink bustier and black stockings… There seems to be no better way to show off her body than with the stockings and the bustier – Nikki Simms are all legs and big boobs, so this outfit rocks our world twice over!

I can only imagine what this outfit looks like from behind – because we know that Nikki Simms has a great beautiful ass!

nikki simss black stockings

Seeing Nikki Simms in this outfit… Makes us want to spank her!

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9 Apr 15

Hot Sexy Workout

Ever wonder how a chick like Nikki Sims keeps in shape? They must work out a lot… A lot!

And it’s oh so sexy when she works out too! I could watch her pump iron all damn day long… I bet you Nikki Sims can kick my ass!

nikki sims hot sexy work out

Knowing that, now imagine Nikki Sims on top of you going for broke… She might just hurt you!

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7 Apr 15

Fucking In Heels

Clearly Next Door Nikki would be a wild fuck in bed…. She’s got the moves and knows all of the right poses! She knows how to sit and spread her legs for the camera; This carries over directly to the bedroom when they are fucking…. And Next Door Nikki knows how to use it to her full advantage!!!

Not to mention that she’s able to walk while wearing those sexy high heels….

next-door nikki huge teen knockers02

I wonder if Next Door Nikki wears those high heels to bed with her when she fucks?

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You just know a chick like Nikki Sims – aka Next Door Nikki – has to work out daily to keep her body nice and tight, right? Right.

But what a chick like Nikki Sims doesn’t know is that we think watching them working out is nearly as hot as watching them shower. It’s not always about the nudity; It’s about watching their tight little bodies moving.

nikki sims working out

Which is one reason men like watching chicks do jumping jacks. It’s all about the boobies.

And speaking of boobies here, Nikki Sims is showing of her massive cleavage while working out from this view!

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2 Apr 15

Easy Bunnies!

Like hot teens? Here’s something new for you! A brand new blog about hot young teens – the teens you want to fuck!

The new blog is called Easy Bunnies – all about teen babes that are easy but not sleazy!

blonde teen meet-madden jean skirt2 pants around knees

All of your favorite chicks are on Easy BunniesMeet Madden, Nicole Sparks, Stacy Bride, Jordan Capri… All of your favorites!

teen rachel hot jeans7 young-hot-babe3-1

Check out Easy Bunnies today!!!!

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Nikki Sims sure does look hot and comfy in her tight blue jeans in the couch. Her huge boobies are nearly ready to pop out. Um, where’s the high heels? Nikki Sims always has on high heels. What’s up with these ugly boots? That’s okay, we can see right down that little tank top… Hot enough!

nikki sims pulls off tight blue jeans thong 1

Now Nikki Sims is taking off her tight jeans… And showing off her sexy blue thong!

nikki sims pulls off tight blue jeans thong 2

Seems the thong Nikki Simms is wearing matches her sexy bra!

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28 Mar 15


I have no idea what Next Door Nikki is doing here, but it’s sexy as hell!!!!

Looks like she’s changing in the back seat of her van???

next-door nikki huge teen knockers01

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