26 Jan 15

Nikki In Jeans

Looks like Nikki is looking super tight in these super tight jeans…… I would so spank this ass!

nikkis playmates tight ass

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23 Jan 15

Ready To Be Fucked

Isn’t Next Door Nikki just the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen?

next door nikki blue panties

I don’t think any man worth a grain of salt would be able to pass up on a shot at Next Door Nikki…. How can you pass up on this? You’d have to be nuts!

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Well if Next Door Nikki likes to spread her legs so damn much…. We might as well post up a nice close up of her panties when her legs are spread…. Seems to me that it just might be that Next Door Nikki has a thing for spreading her legs…. And of course a women who gets of spreading her legs can’t be all that bad, now can she?

next door nikki legs spread close up

I bet you Next Door Nikki smells really good between her legs!

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We all love it when our girlfriends dress up for us… Nikki Sims takes it all to the next level. Everything is see through, and of course Nikki Sims is wearing high heels… That’s class!

Sometimes I think Nikki Sims is less of a girlfriend and more like a high class hooker that I could never afford. And that’s a compliment.

nikki sims black lace lingerie1 nikki sims black lace lingerie2 nikki sims black lace lingerie3 nikki sims black lace lingerie5

Nikki Sims is just so damn sexy no matter which way you look at it…

nikki sims black lace lingerie6

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16 Jan 15

Huge Knockers

You have to admit Next Door Nikki has a beautiful fucking rack…

next door nikki big knockers

She knows this and loves to show them off too! That’s what we love about Next Door Nikki!!!!

Her ass isn’t too bad either come to think about it!

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14 Jan 15

Super Slut

Every now and then I think Next Door Nikki is a little slut. Check out this slutty outfit. That pretty much says it all, right?

Why else would Next Door Nikki being wearing an outfit like this if she wasn’t turned on by slutting it up?

next door nikki sexy outfit2

I’m not sure if this is sexy or slutty. But either way it works for me!

next door nikki sexy outfit

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11 Jan 15

We Love Cleavage

Every man, if only just once in his life, needs to date a woman with a huge rack who willingly has the ability to show it off whenever she wanted…. All Nikki Simms is wearing is a red bra, and her huge titties are just about ready to fall out… Utterly perfect!

nikki simms big boobs red bra clavage

We love titties, but we love cleavage just as much too!

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I’ve been working in this industry a long time, I have lots of blogs, and I’ve seen hot babes in every position you can imagine.

But I’ve never seen a picture like Nikki Sims here with her panties down around her ankles while she’s playing with her breasts…

nikk sims pantes up

I’m not sure if this is the hottest picture of Nikki Sims ever, or if this is one of the hottest solo girl pictures ever!

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Laying down on the table like this makes her boobs stick out and make her look huge… Then again, I guess Nikki Sims already has huge breasts… And I just want to tear into them!

Her shirt looks like she’s about to bust out!

sexy nikki sims 2

Then suddenly Nikki Simms pulls her shirt off, bends over… Jean skirt hiked up.. Thong on display… Sort of makes you want to peel that thong right off her tight little ass instantly doesn’t it?

sexy nikki sims 1

That and gives us all a chubby!

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4 Jan 15

Fap Worthy

After all of this time, Nikki still has it. Tell me she isn’t sexy.

She’s got her tight ass and her legs up on the couch, and her back on the floor. You know exactly what this means – she can fuck in any position.

sexy nikki sims6

When Nikki starts stripping down, well, it only gets hotter… What is that, a black leather thong? Hot?

sexy nikki sims7

That’s fap worthy right there!

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