28 Mar 15


I have no idea what Next Door Nikki is doing here, but it’s sexy as hell!!!!

Looks like she’s changing in the back seat of her van???

next-door nikki huge teen knockers01

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26 Mar 15

Sexy Club Dress

How is this for a sexy club dress?

Next Door Nikki knocks it out of the park with her huge teen knockers!!!!

next-door nikki huge teen knockers03

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24 Mar 15

Tank Top Cleavage

Face reality – not only is it all about the boobs, but Nikki Sims here has a great fucking rack. If it is all about tits and ass then Nikki Sims has exactly what we need in just the right proportions.

Boobs are hot! And cleavage even hotter. And Nikki Sims just loves to flaunt it!

next door nikki huge boobs cleavage

Just imagine titty fucking Nikki Sims here…. Well, I guess first you would have to wrestle her down in the grass!

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21 Mar 15

Sexy Green Thong

Face it – Next Door Nikki looks hot no matter what she is or is not wearing. And when you have a big breasted teen chick with a perfect ass who loves to show off her tight little body any chance she gets, well, it’s a beautiful sight. It’s not so much the fact that she has the huge boobs and the tight little ass that is like a peach, but it’s the fact that she is not only willing but loves to show herself off is what turns us on to Next Door Nikki…. Because girls who like to show off their bodies are the same kinds of chicks that aren’t afraid to get naked and funky in the bedroom – with the lights on or off!

I’m willing to bet that if you were lucky enough to get Next Door Nikki in your bedroom with the lights on that she would rock your world!

next door nikki short jean skirt1 next door nikki short jean skirt3

Damn, her skirt is short – and Next Door Nikki wants everyone in the world to see that she’s wearing a short little green thong! When she hikes up her skirt she’s just showing off.

Such a beautiful sight, isn’t it?

next door nikki short jean skirt2

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19 Mar 15

Tight Blue Jeans

I’m not sure why, but young hot chicks seem to like making out with themselves in the mirror. I mean, I can see if I had tits like Next Door Nikki I’d most likely be staring at myself all day long too, but I wouldn’t want to make out with myself!

Next Door Nikki seems to be enjoying herself here, with her knees on the bathroom sink – and her ass hanging out for our viewing pleasure!

next-door nikki huge teen knockers05

Her tight little teen ass needs a spanking, that’s for sure!!!!

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17 Mar 15

Old Nikki Sims Pix

This looks like an old picture of Nikki Sims…. Not that Nikki Sims is much older now, but she’s a little bit more MILFY – which in reality translates into more boobs for us to enjoy. And you just know how I like boobage.

Who doesn’t?

young nikki sims

Even back then Next Door Nikki was always comfortable getting naked… And that’s hot!

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14 Mar 15

Super Hot

Holy crap – Check out the pose that Next Door Nikki is in! I wonder how she does this – I know I can’t do it!

I bet you that Next Door Nikki uses these tricks in the bedroom, and Next Door Nikki will knock your socks off using them!

next-door nikki huge teen knockers04

It’s not often you get to fuck a chick that can move like Next Door Nikki!!!!

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12 Mar 15

Best Blow Jobs

Ever notice that hot young teens like Next Door Nikki tend to spend a lot of their time on their knees? That’s because their loves enjoy getting blow jobs and they have to get down on their knees all the time. After a while it becomes habit!

Seems that Next Door Nikki spends more time than most on her knees!

next-door nikki huge teen knockers06

This hot little teen with the big boobs can drop down on her knees any time she wants to give me a blow job, that’s for sure! I’d kill to get a blow job from Next Door Nikki!!!

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Looks to me like Next Door Nikki has all grown up. She is obviously not the girl next door any more – more like the MILF with the huge boobs we want to bang in the back of the mini van. Next Door Nikki always had big boobs, but now they seem to be even bigger.

Yeah, the chick in tight jeans has boobs. Toss in a pair of slutty boots and you and I both would gladly get down on our hands and knees to hit that just once!

next door nikki all grown up tight jeans

We’ve always loved Nikki no matter if she was the girl next door or the fantasy of Nikki Sims….. And we always will love her!

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9 Mar 15

Schoolgirl Dress

It’s well known that Next Door Nikki is one of the hottest chicks on the Internet; It’s complicated combination of big boobs, a hot ass, and a teen chick who gets off on showing off her knockers for the camera…. Today we have Next Door Nikki in a plaid dress showing off the goods, or at least her sexy white panties! And teen chicks who like to show off their panties are the kinds of chicks we like to hang around with – mostly because they are always willing!

You gonna say no to Next Door Nikki? Yeah, me either!

next door nikki schoolgirl-dress3

In her member’s area Next Door Nikki calls this set a “school girl” set. Um, yeah, no. This looks like a dress to me, and I don’t think that schoolgirls wear dresses. They wear plaid little short skirts with white button up tops.

I’m not complaining because of Next Door Nikki want to play the role of a school girl I’m all fucking for it!

next door nikki schoolgirl-dress1 next door nikki schoolgirl-dress2

Here she is, one last time, down on her knees…… Almost like she’s ready to suck us off! And that’s totally hot!

next door nikki schoolgirl-dress4

I swear Next Door Nikki is all around perfect!

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