Bam. When you’ve got titties like Next Door Nikki you have to show them off, right? And god bless Next Door Nikki for wanting to show them off to us!

Next Door Nikki is the best of both worlds – huge titties and a great ass. Tits and ass. That’s what it’s all about. That and lesbians.

next door nikki huge cleavage 2

And I bet you Next Door Nikki is into lesbians too!

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24 Jul 14

Ass Spanking

Next Door Nikki loves her breasts… I would too if I had a breasts like Next Door Nikki!!! If I had a rack like her, I’d spend all of my time in the shower… I’d wake up in the morning, take a shower, and then you’d find me there ten hours later, still in the shower, playing with myself – playing with my own big knockers!

She’s having a blast fondling her own breasts….. As long as Next Door Nikki lets us watch, I’m fine with that!

next door nikki smoking hot teen big boobs10

Not only does Next Door Nikki like fondling her breasts, she seems to also take a certain joy playing with her ass – massaging it and spanking it!!!

next door nikki smoking hot teen big boobs11

I can watch Next Door Nikki spanking her ass all day long!!!!

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22 Jul 14

Lucky Boobies

Rub you for luck? I’d rub Next Door Nikki and her big boobies all damn day long if I thought I was going to get lucky with her!!!!

next door nikki smoking hot teen big boobs12

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20 Jul 14

Wants & Needs

What I want in a girlfriend is a little bit of everything. She has to be pretty; That’s a given. A great ass and boobs for days like Next Door Nikki is pretty high up on my list too.

Clearly Next Door Nikki has both…..

next door nikki smoking hot teen big boobs13

But more importantly I want a chick with a good sense of humor – and to be able to assume any sexual position I wanted.

Next Door Nikki can do this with ease!!!!

next door nikki smoking hot teen big boobs14

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17 Jul 14

Playing Dress Up

Imagine coming home to Next Door Nikki dressed up like this…… Oh shit, that would rock!


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15 Jul 14

Nu Bathing Suit

Now this is a bathing suit all right! And of course there is no one better to show off this bathing suit than Next Door Nikki – with her huge boobs and killer ass she’s got the perfect body to pull it off!

next door nikki smoking hot teen big boobs15

Here’s a close up of Next Door Nikki looking all sexy in this bikini…..

next door nikki smoking hot teen big boobs16

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13 Jul 14

Tight T-Shirt

I don’t find it hard at all to believe that Next Door Nikki hangs around in nothing more than a t-shirt and a cute pair of panties…… With her great rack, nearly any t-shirt that Next Door Nikki wears will show off her large beautiful breasts nicely!

Then again having Next Door Nikki in her panties with her legs spread is a nice plus too!!!

big brested teen next door nikki naked01

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At the end of the day we have to admit that Next Door Nikki is the best of both worlds… Setting aside her willingness to get naked and spread her legs at any given moment, Next Door Nikki has the two things that all men want the most: Tits and ass.

Next Door Nikki has a huge rack. It’s a beautiful sight really. Men love boobs. And the bigger the better. They say more than a mouthful is a waste; Anyone who says that hasn’t seen Next Door Nikki doing jumping jacks!

next door nikki beautful tight ass jeans1

Her ass is so beautiful, round, tight; Looks like Next Door Nikki is looking for a spanking! Why else would Next Door Nikki be bending over so much like this?

What a great view of her thong too!

next door nikki beautful tight ass jeans2

Yeah, I bet you didn’t notice her thong poking up from the top of her tight blue jeans!

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8 Jul 14

Car Flashing

I’d like to know why Next Door Nikki is cruising around naked in the back of her….. Maybe Next Door Nikki is just randomly flashing people?

That would be hot!

big brested teen next door nikki naked02

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5 Jul 14

Sexy Jean Skirt

We all know Nikki Simms for her boobs, but she’s so much more than just that… She’s got a great ass and Nikki Simms loves showing it off to us… She’s wearing a short jean skirt today and when she bends over slightly we can see her sexy panties… She’s such a slut.

nikki simms upskirt 1

Then Nikki Simms turns around, stands up, and spreads her legs… And shows us everything! We can see right up her skirt – what pretty panties she has!

nikki simms upskirt 2

Now, let’s pry those fucking panties off with our teeth so we can get at the good stuff!

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